Banged Moms

See actual moms take on three or four guys in tremendously sexy scenes.

Banged Moms
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Banged Moms Overview

Banged Moms is a mature gang bang site that features real moms having sex with teenage guys. There are 3-4 18 and 19 year old guys in each scene and the moms take them in every hole. The site is at its best when thereís a guy in her pussy, a guy in her ass, a guy in her mouth and another dude getting a handjob from her. Iím sure itís a lot of work for these mature sluts but they manage it quite gracefully.

If youíd like to see a little bit of the action before becoming a member then I recommend you visit the tour for free trailer downloads and pictures from the most recent scenes. The trailers are high definition, just to prove to you that theyíve got exceptionally high quality content in the memberís area, just waiting for you to join and start downloading. They also show some of the moms decorated in semen, which means these ladies all take four cumshots when the scenes are over. That sounds really hot and I canít wait to see more.

Members Area Details

I hate to be cruel, but the memberís area is a bit of a mess. Theyíve made the update process far more complicated than it needs to be and it muddies the fact that they have really great content for your enjoyment. When you visit the update page youíll see the latest picture galleries at the top. Youíd think there would be one each from the latest content sets. Instead there are 3-4 from each content set and the images are different sizes and thereís too much text. Itís the same with the video sets, except there are 5-7 updates for each scene.

Members area of Banged Moms #1
members area screenshot #1
Members area of Banged Moms #2
members area screenshot #2

You know what would have been better? To show a picture of the model and say something like ďClick here to see all of her content.Ē Instead you get a separate update when they add the high definition video, when they add the high quality WMV, when they add the super high definition video, etc. Worst of all I think they do it because theyíre padding their update stats. They add the various parts of a scene over the course of 1-2 weeks. Itís maddening!

Enough of that though; letís get to the content, because itís pretty great and itís definitely worth talking about. Each scene features 3-4 guys fucking one mom. The ladies are ďrealĒ moms in that theyíre bodies are generally a little bit chubby, their breasts are a little bit saggy and their faces are a little bit wrinkly. These are the kind of moms you see at the grocery store and the pharmacy, not the kind you see in porn movies. I know that style is not for everyone but I think it makes the content authentic. It seems like you could easily be one of the guys in the gangbang because these women arenít unattainable.

They donít waste much time in the scenes. They usually begin with the guys fully naked and standing around the mom, who is usually wearing a dress, a slutty outfit or a lingerie set. Two of the dudes step closer to her and she opens her mouth to start sucking them off. All the ladies give amazing head, which must be a side effect of having so much sexual experience. Everyone gets a blowjob and she typically uses her hands to stroke as much cock as she can find. After they manage to get her naked the fucking begins and it doesnít stop for quite some time.

Most scenes are 30-40 minutes long and once the fucking has begun they donít quit until the slutty moms are absolutely drenched in semen. The first penetration usually comes with the mom on her hands and knees so she can continue to suck cock while her pussy is pounded. Sometimes sheíll engage both her hands as well so sheís pleasuring four guys at the same time. Thereís usually a double penetration before the video ends and thereís nothing I love more than seeing mature women get fucked in the ass. I donít know why it turns me on so much but it really does.

There are pictures, screen captures and videos for each gangbang. The pictures are high resolution and they open in a new window. Annoyingly, a new window opens for every damn picture, so youíll be closing a hell of a lot of them if youíre planning on checking out lots of image galleries. The screen captures are high resolution as well because theyíre taken from the high definition videos, of which there are two versions. Whether you go with the HD or super HD itís going to look good. Your membership also comes with free access to seven other hot sites, including


Aside from bad design work in the memberís area Banged Moms is a terrific site. They advertise hardcore gangbangs featuring real moms and they deliver. Everything you see on the tour comes to pass in the memberís area and it looks fantastic. There are high definition videos in two flavors for every scene and plenty of high resolution pictures if you prefer still images. They no longer update very often but there are more than 30 full scenes and plenty of bonus content so thatís not a big concern.

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Free Picture Galleries

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Banged Moms Gallery 1: Chubby Redhead Mature
Chubby Redhead Mature

Banged Moms Gallery 2: Sexy MILF Banged
Sexy MILF Banged

Banged Moms Gallery 3: MILF And Four Younger Guys
MILF And Four Younger Guys

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Very fine your jub!
Comment added: Feb 11, 2008

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Banged Moms
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